ProSeal Tire Sealant For Motorbike Car tripple pack-500ml-EAN-8942403467764

ProSeal Tire Sealant For Motorbike Car tripple pack-500ml-EAN-8942403467764



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1. ProSEAL Tire Sealant is formulated and tested for use in all tube tires. Once installed into the tyre or tube through the valve BEFORE you have a puncture, when the wheel rotates the Sealant is evenly distributed around the inside of the tyre or tube, ready to seal punctures as they occur.
2. ProSEAL Tire Sealant treated tube rotates, centrifugal force pushes the sealant to the tread area creating a layer of protection, repairing punctures as they occur and treating existing punctures, and this Sealant for tube type tires is also recommended for use in tubeless tires.

3. When a puncture does occur, the escaping air pressure forces for
ProSEAL Sealant into the hole immediately forming a strong, airtight seal, and will seal as many punctures as may occur.
4. It will work effectively in BOTH tubed and tubeless tires, and simply washes away with water & does not leave a sticky residue behind when a new tyre or tube is fitted.
5. Remains liquid inside the tire, coating the tread area as the tire rotates.
6. Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-aerosol and water soluble. Tubes treated with this Sealant can be patched with a conventional vulcanized patch. Please use it with a bit of patience and care!

  • Tire tube repair ability: effectively enhances the air tightness of the
    inner tube, and has special repair ability for the inner tube.
  • Anti-corrosion ability: Effectively control the acidity and alkalinity,
    keep the PH constant air tightness for better, and will not cause corrosion to
    the steel ring aluminum ring.
  • Anti-puncture ability: The product contains explosion-proof components,
    which can effectively help the tires to dissipate heat and reduce the chance of
    tire burst by more than 80%.
  • Non-adhesive ability: After drying, the inner tube and the outer tube,
    the rim and the tire do not stick, and the tire can be easily disassembled.
  • Repeated tire repairing ability: one-time injection according to the
    recommended filling amount, can repeatedly repair the tire for more than 30
    times, the use period is about 6 months.
  • Each tire recommended for 1 bottle ProSEAL Tire Sealant for solving its
    Puncture issues.   

Suitable for:
1. Motorbike
2. Car

Packing List:
3 bottle *ProSEAL tire sealer(500ML)

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 25 × 100 cm


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