Universal Angel Wings Projection Lamp Motorcycle Modification Decorative Atmosphere Lights LED Taillight

Universal Angel Wings Projection Lamp Motorcycle Modification Decorative Atmosphere Lights LED Taillight


If you own a motorcycle, you might have considered installing
undercarriage LED light to add a unique flair to your bike. However, not
all LED kits are the same since they come in a variety of colors,
brightness, installation type, and some are even illegals. LED light
kits installation can be do-it-yourself.
Illuminate Your Bike With Cool Angel !

Product Description

Motorcycle Angel Wing LED

This is a set of 2 LED projectors that lights up a unique pattern. With
specially designed fixing bracket for easy attachment under the vehicle

Easy to assemble and disassemble. You can install these lights anywhere you want, DIY your style and could be mounted anywhere.

Lights on the road like , these help light up the road at night to make your motorbike much more visible to oncoming vehicle.

Provides more noticeable vehicle position warnings and steering instructions for driving at night.

Amazing illumination, can see the ground under feet clearly to avoid getting off on bad road.

Low battery consumption, high brightness, energy efficient. Ultra bright with HD projection and pattern goes well to the sides.

When driving in the rain, fog, or sandstorm, it can warn farther rear vehicles and effectively avoid accidents.

Efficiently improve your safety.

Fit most motorcycles.

It is also use as an auxiliary line for novices when driving and reversing.

A laser beam illuminates the starry sky. The summer sky is so beautiful,
so far away, so yearning. I sit on the ground, enjoying the cool summer
night, looking at the charming sky. The brightest star in the night sky
always illuminates my way and illuminates my life

1. High-definition lens quartz glass technology: good heat treatment effect, with good strength below 150 degrees.

2. High-brightness lamp beads have uniform luminescence: small size, long
life, slow light decay, and accurate color temperature. Effective
combinations can be achieved at higher drive currents.

3. High-definition lens quartz glass technology: the use of
high-definition lenses, strong penetrating power, clear and bright
patterns, quartz glass lens technology, , no color.

4. Waterproof and drip-proof: The projection lamp can still work normally in rainy weather without disassembly and waterproof

5. Easy to disassemble and disassemble the two core joints: with two core
butt joints, it can be easily installed without clamping

6. Exquisite workmanship, no water leakage at the bottom

7. Constant current regulator with infinite protection


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Options: White Light, Ice Blu-ray, Red Light, Blu-ray

Voltage: DC9V-60V

Power Source: 5W

Chip: creep/lg

Voltage: DC9V-60V

Current: 0.2MA

Color temperature: 7000

Package Inclusion/s: 1 Pair Motorcycle Angel Wing LED

Package Included:

2 lights + 4 screws + 2 paste

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