About Us

Welcome to Prodeal

PRODEAL is an e-commerce site that will be able to provide every type of good and product from every industry to every consumer in Bangladesh.

For any customer with a smartphone/computer and an internet connection, PRODEAL market will be at their fingertips. From a safety pin to an apartment building, they will be able to buy it all from our website. We have gathered Bangladesh’s brightest minds and provided them with a platform to perform to the best of their abilities. All data mining and optimization were completed in-house, with no outside assistance. We are using only Bangladeshi personnel and resources, and we are keeping the money within our borders.


It is a marketplace where people can buy a variety of goods from a single website. Everything from a pencil to a book to a dress to a cell phone to cars to lands is available on this website. Our team regularly working on market which is constantly working to ensure that What distinguishes us from other platforms of this type is the breadth of our product offering and the security that we provide to our users. It is completely cutting-edge and state-of-the-art, and we can guarantee that no other platform offers such a wide range of products with this price. Our website will be so convenient and user-friendly for our customers that they will prefer to order from us rather than go to the shop that is 100 meters away from their home. That is the type of goal PRODEAL has set for itself. And, once we have met our goals in Bangladesh, we will begin to expand into other countries, presenting ourselves on a much broader and global scale, and eventually covering the entire world with our website.
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